The concept with Tortoise Creek is to work with small farmers in California who focus on sustainable farming. Tortoise Creek is handcrafted, small-batch wines selected and blended from growers who understand this philosophy.

VINEYARD: Pinot Noir is a grape variety that demands optimum growing conditions.  Sixty percent of our blend comes from vineyards in the Clarksburg region where the clay and loam soils combined with a cooling effect from the Sacramento Delta, balances the acidity in the ripening of the fruit.  The other forty percent is grown from vineyards in the Monterey region that benefits from direct sunshine and shelter from the Pacific winds by the Santa Lucia Mountains.  This is where the low temperature during the nights and the warm days are just perfect for Pinot Noir.

TASTING NOTE & FOOD PAIRING: Our Pinot Noir “Mission Grove” has lovely aromas of violets and ripe cherries and is soft on the palate, delicate but with delightful impressions of raspberries and other red fruits. This is a gorgeous food wine and works well with roast meats, tuna and cheeses. 13.5%ABV

Tortoise creek Pinot Noir 2018